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India Women’s coach Maymol Rocky: Girls stay aware of the task in hand

Indian Women's national team (Photo courtesy: AIFF Media)

As the Indian Women’s Team settles down in Malaysia, Maymol Rocky, Head Coach, Indian Women’s National Team says that the girls stay “aware of the task in hand.”

In an AIFF Media interview she speaks at length about the preparatory camp in Delhi, the attitude of the girls, the transition from the age-groups to the Senior Team, Malaysia as an opponent and much more.


What did you stress on in the Camp?

The biggest challenge was to gel them together as a Team. Team bonding is a primary essence in an International match. We trained for ten days and we focused mainly on reducing the mistakes on the field. We also played two practice matches which helped us understand our shortcomings.

How did the girls react?

The positivity of the girls has been infectious. Off the field, their friendship has been the unifying factor. There’s always the other to back one up and they carried it on to the field as well. But on the field, they are professionals who are aware of the task in hand. The attitude of the entire squad has been exceptional.

There have been many girls who have moved up the ranks since the U-14 days when you were their Coach. Does it help?

Definitely! It adds to my confidence and vice versa. The girls who have played under me in the U-14 and U-16 ranks know exactly what I would be looking for. It helps to facilitate the process faster. For example, Panthoi and Jabamani Tudu have been with me in U-14 and U-16 and it adds to your comfort zone. It will be immensely helpful if the transition from the age-groups to the Senior Team is a seamless one. Having said that, there will also be other girls who would be joining in if they impress us.

How much with this International exposure help the girls?

The exposure will make Indian Women better players. The more you play at the international level, the more confident you grow as a player as the fear goes away. It will be a massive step for many to experience what an International match is all about.

Are Malaysia beatable?

We need to do our job on the field. But we respect our opponents as they are a very strong side. They would also be backed by the home crowd. But we are prepared for the challenge.

(AIFF Media)