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Twittergate: Rohan Ricketts suspended by Dempo SC

Rohan Ricketts

Rohan Ricketts has been suspended by I-League champions Dempo SC after various messages on Twitter expressing his unhappiness about the situation at his club.

“This last 2 weeks have been most difficult for me in football. On the pitch I have performed well but my happiness has been killed due to off the pitch actions of the coach via the agent who brought me here, threatening tweets, a note on my car from a fan that seems to want to instill fear into me because I spoke my mind a few times,” the former Arsenal and Tottenham footballer tweeted a few days ago.

“So now I don’t feel safe and my desire to be here has been taken away through the disgusting off the field shenanigans which most of the Goan boys are afraid to voice their individual issues,” he continued. “I can’t take this anymore!!! Not feeling safe along with actions of the coach which directly and indirectly affect have broken my spirit. I came here to play football and help develop the game but this experience has killed me. I hope this can be sorted out via our boss.”

“This type of regime has been existing before me and people have been suffering silently. But I cannot live an unhappy life here. Injustice! The club I play for Dempo SC is an extremely top club in India at the top level of the company but individuals below have tarnished it.”

“I love India, Goa and the football club and the fans who have been supportive but certain individuals have made things unbearable,” Ricketts added.

Dempo SC have decided to issue a suspension notice to the English attacking midfielder and the club will decide on further action in the coming days.

“There’s nothing to add other than feeling bad about the situation. He shouldn’t have behaved in this manner,” Dempo SC coach Armando Colaco told in a statement on the club website. “Individual issues could have been sorted out with the management instead of absurd tweets on a social network.”

“I have always maintained that Rohan was a player with a ‘touch of class’. But he went too far with his actions and let himself get out of control,” Colaco signed off.