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German fans on a hunt for UEFA Champions League final tickets

German fans on a hunt for UEFA Champions League final tickets

German fans on a hunt for UEFA Champions League final tickets

The UEFA Champions League final between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund at London’s Wembley Stadium is approaching fastly with Germans all around the world counting down the minutes to see the two best German clubs battling for the ultimate crown of club football.

But many German football fans will be left stranded without any hope to fulfil their dream of attending the first-ever all-German UEFA Champions League final.

The Wembley Stadium has a capacity of 86,000 and the UEFA has already sold 9,000 tickets during the public sale on which ended on March 15. Each finalist has received 25,000 tickets for sale to their respective fans, while the remaining 26,000 tickets will be only available to federations, sponsors, etc.

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have received 750,000 (!) requests for UEFA Champions League final tickets so far and the requests are still coming in.

Bayern Munich have closed down their ticket application phase on Tuesday and the new Bundesliga champion has started to raffle their 25,000 tickets. Only the 200,000 registered club members and the 3,000 official fan clubs were allowed to apply for the tickets to avoid any chaotic scenes during ticket sales.

Borussia Dortmund decided to sell 20,000 tickets exclusively to their registered club members, while 1,250 tickets went out for public sale. The remaining 3,750 tickets would be available to the official fan clubs, sponsors and club employees.

London is expecting a German invasion for the final with many fans trying to experience the Champions League atmosphere in the English capital without a ticket. But it would be a costly journey for anyone interested to be there in London: The cheapest air tickets from Germany to London cost at least 300 Euros, while the hotel rates have been rised to a minimum of 150 Pounds per night!

So many football fans would for sure have another thought, if they would like to spend the day in London or attend one of the public or private Champions League parties all-around Germany.