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Dortmund star Marco Reus fined €540,000 for driving without a licence

Marco Reus

Marco Reus

Borussia Dortmund and Germany star Marco Reus has been fined €540,000 for driving without a licence.

The 25 year old winger was stopped by German police several times and received speeding tickets on at least five occasions since 2011 according to BILD newspaper.

The German police uncovered that he did not have a valid license at all during a routine police check on March 18, when Reus drove in his Aston Martin through the streets of Dortmund after a training session.

“I decided back then to take that road but the reasons I did it are something I cannot really understand today,” Reus was quoted as saying by BILD newspaper.

“Today I know that I was too naive and that it was stupid. I have learned my lesson and this will not happen again.”

The heavy fine of €540,000 was sentenced for all six driving offences according to Dortmund Prosecutor Barbara Vogelsang. The fine was calculated on the basis of Reus’ monthly wage.