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FIFA Live Your Goals campaign acts as a catalyst to Women’s Football in India

FIFA Live Your Goals in New Delhi, India
FIFA Live Your Goals in New Delhi, India

Photo courtesy: AIFF Media

Harnessing Grassroots and developing a footballing ecosystem of a particular region solely depends on the dexterity of a Grassroots Instructor. Therefore to propel Women’s Football nationwide, whilst expanding the base of the player pyramid through working on Grassroots, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) through the FIFA Live Your Goals campaign conducted a Grassroots Course exclusive only to female coaches.

The course kicked-off yesterday (September 25, 2015) in New Delhi and is slated to conclude on September 27, 2015.

32 Women Instructors and Coaches are participating in the Grassroots Course which is stitched in compliance with AIFF’s Grassroots philosophy. The participants over a period of three days will be tutored in subjects ranging from the importance of small sided games to pedagogy and other technicalities.

Furthermore, the participants will also get a chance to perform and showcase their coaching skills in the theory sessions with kids from different age-groups.

Talking exclusively to AIFF Media, Dalima Chibber, Captain of the Indian U-19 Women’s National Team and one of the participants of the course expressed that, “The ‘Live Your Goals’ campaign is a great boost for Women’s Football in India as it engages the young female populace of the country in the ‘beautiful game’.”

“The fusion of theory sessions alongwith the practicals gives us the flexibility to put in play what we have learned in the classroom.”

“There is a bond of football which develops between you and the tiny-tots on the field and that is something which you share because it is something which is unique”, she added.

“It is encouraging to see that girls have now started to come out of their closets and live their dreams of playing football”, Dalima opined.

In tune with Dalima, Preeti Arora, a former India player said, “The course has been a great learning experience.”

“The Grassroots Course synced us with the modern trends in the world it has also refreshed our fundamentals, making us a better coach.”

Not only that, the FIFA Live Your Goals campaign also focuses on expanding the horizons of Women’s Football through fostering interest amongst the young female populace of the nation.

“The ‘Live Your Goals’ campaign has an aim of promoting Women’s Football and that is best done through creating a buzz and working on the Grassroots,” said Indu Choudhary, AIFF’s Manager of Women’s Football.

“It is heart-warming to see young girls indulge in the game and live their goals,” added Sapna Rani, AIFF’s Assistant Manager of Women’s Football.

“Grassroots stays the strength of Women’s Football and the ‘Live Your Goals’ campaign aims at harnessing it”, quipped AIFF’s Grassroots Instructor Anjana Turambekar.

(Report & Photo courtesy AIFF Media)