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128th Durand Cup 2016 to kick-off on August 28

Aizawl FC's Joel Sunday against Bengaluru FC.

The 128th Durand Cup 2016 will take place from August 28 to September 11 in the capital New Delhi. The matches will be played at the Ambedkar Stadium and the Harbaksh Stadium.

India’s oldest and the world’s third oldest football tournament will see a total of 12 teams split into two groups of six teams each facing each other in the league stage with the top two teams from each group making it into the semifinals.

Sporting Clube de Goa and DSK Shivajians FC will be in action in the opening match on August 28.


Pool A: Sporting Clube de Goa, DSK Shivajians FC, Minerva Academy FC, Gangtok Himalayan SC, Indian Navy, Army Green

28-Aug-2016: Sporting Clube de Goa – DSK Shivajians FC
29-Aug-2016: Minerva Academy FC – Gangtok Himalayan SC
29-Aug-2016: Indian Navy – Army Green
30-Aug-2016: Sporting Clube de Goa – Minerva Academy FC
31-Aug-2016: DSK Shivajians FC – Minerva Academy FC
01-Sep-2016: Indian Navy – Sporting Clube de Goa
01-Sep-2016: DSK Shivajians FC – Gangtok Himalayan SC
02-Sep-2016: Army Green – Minerva Academy FC
03-Sep-2016: Gangtok Himalayan SC – Sporting Clube de Goa
03-Sep-2016: DSK Shivajians FC – Indian Navy
04-Sep-2016: Army Green – Sporting Clube de Goa
04-Sep-2016: Gangtok Himalayan SC – Indian Navy
05-Sep-2016: Minerva Academy FC – Indian Navy
06-Sep-2016: Army Green – DSK Shivajians FC
07-Sep-2016: Gangtok Himalayan SC – Army Green

Pool B: Aizawl FC, Dempo SC, NEROCA FC, LoneStar Kashmir FC, Army Red, Indian Air Force

29-Aug-2016: Aizawl FC – Dempo SC
29-Aug-2016: NEROCA FC – LoneStar Kashmir FC
30-Aug-2016: Army Red – Indian Air Force
30-Aug-2016: Aizawl FC – NEROCA FC
31-Aug-2016: Army Red – LoneStar Kashmir FC
01-Sep-2016: Dempo SC – NEROCA FC
02-Sep-2016: NEROCA FC – Indian Air Force
03-Sep-2016: Army Red – LoneStar Kashmir FC
03-Sep-2016: Aizawl FC – LoneStar Kashmir FC
03-Sep-2016: Dempo SC – Indian Air Force
04-Sep-2016: Army Red – Aizawl FC
04-Sep-2016: LoneStar Kashmir FC – Indian Air Force
05-Sep-2016: Dempo SC – LoneStar Kashmir FC
06-Sep-2016: NEROCA FC – Army Red
07-Sep-2016: Aizawl FC – Indian Air Force

09-Sep-2016: Winner Group A – Runners-Up Group B
09-Sep-2016: Winner Group B – Runners-Up Group A

11-Sep-2016: Winner SF1 – Winner SF2