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Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp receives the first Trikot Jackett

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp receives the first Trikot Jackett

A true fan will want to wear the shirt of their favourite club everywhere. Of course, there are limits, this is not always appropriate in the office, at festive events or in the club lounge. Now, former Eintracht Frankfurt football player Sven Müller has found the solution: the shirt jacket – “Trikot Jackett”. Trikot Jackett will sew the shirt of your favourite club into the lining of a beautifully tailored jacket of the customer’s choice. The customer can also specify a name and number of their choice to be included. The result is a modern fan jacket, a unique specimen. Liverpool FC’s Manager Jürgen Klopp is to be the first customer of the start-up enterprise Stephan Görner & Sven Müller GbR.

Blue on the outside, Liverpool on the inside
“We cater for all kinds of sports – including ice hockey and American Football, and for women’s teams too,” says Sven Müller. In his friend Jürgen Klopp, Müller has found his first VIP customer. “Kloppo” will receive the “Champion” model in blue with, of course, the red home game shirt of Liverpool as the inner lining and Normal 1 on the back.

The finest cloth, stitched lapels
The shirt jackets come in three styles: “Three friends”, “Classico” and “Champion”. These jackets are all distinguished by sustainable workmanship, precious woollen fabrics and the finest the finest S-110 cloth from Reda. The shirt jackets are priced at between EUR 299 and EUR 449.

Ordering online
Customers can browse styles and order online at Customers complete the contact form, choose the desired jacket and indicate their clothing size. The personalised fan shirt jacket will be created and arrive within four to six weeks.

(Stephan Görner & Sven Müller GbR Press Release)