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Important decisions taken at Mohammedan Sporting Executive Committee Meeting

Mohammedan Sporting Club president Jb. Amiruddin Bobby and Football Secretary Jb. Sharique Ahmed (Photo courtesy: Mohammedan Sporting Club)

Jb. Amiruddin Bobby has been formally elected Mohammedan Sporting Club president at a Executive Committee Meeting held in Kolkata on Saturday. Jb. Amiruddin who served the Club as Treasurer from 2001 to this date succeeds Jb. Sultan Ahmed who passed away earlier this week after suffering a heart attack.

Meanwhile, Jb. Iqbal Ahmed resigned from the post of Football Secretary citing health issues and Jb. Sharique Ahmed, Youth Development Committee Chairman, succeeded him.

“I am thankful to the Executive Committee for considering me for the post. I am not the substitute for what we have lost but I will try to give my best for the benefit of this historical institution,” said Jb. Amiruddin.

Meanwhile, Jb. Sharique Ahmed, the youngest son of Jb. Sultan Ahmed, said: “For my father the Club was above everything else. He always used to say many Sultan Ahmeds can come and go but the Club will remain for ever. It’s not just a Club but a treasure from our ancestors to future generations and we have to protect it. He has many dreams for the Club and now it’s our responsibility to fulfill them.”

“He always emphasized the importance of youth development. He often said the foundation you create today will determine your future. I seek support from everyone to continue his unfinished work,” he added further.

(Mohammedan Sporting Club)