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7Days Inn and OGC Nice strategically cooperate in expanding global market

7Days Inn and OGC Nice strategically cooperate in expanding global market (Photo courtesy: Plateno Group)

7Days Inn, a sub-brand of Plateno Group, and OGC Nice, a hotel brand and a football club, have officially announced their strategic partnership. The strategic cooperation media conference under the theme of “WE ARE HOTSTYLE” was grandly held in Nice, France at 4:00 pm local time on September 9, 2017.

The two brands announced close cooperation in expanding their international markets.

In future cooperation, 7Days Inn will take advantage of OGC Nice’s popularity and influence in the global football world to further expand its European market and open more hotels to accommodate guests all over the world. OGC Nice will take advantage of 7Days Inn’s great membership resources and wide-ranged hotels, cooperating with 7Days Inn in marketing and publicity in China to expand China’s huge football fan market. Meanwhile, 7Days Inn will join forces with OGC Nice in launching co-branded IP products, which will be available in the global market. These products can also be experienced at the Plateno Collection 2018, the first fashionable experiential exhibition that connects travel, accommodation and other related consumption globally, which will take place in December 2017.

The highlight of the conference was the official revealing of the co-branded IP (Intellectual Property) products. Co-branded football-themed IP products such as jerseys, T-shirts, star-image pillows and themed rooms, as well as IP tourist products such as 7Days Inn & OGC Nice Flaming Hot Travel and Nice Travel in China, imply 7Days Inn and OGC Nice’s “YOUNG AND VITAL” genes and their value propositions, manifesting the super-hot vitality and passion for sports of people with young mind.

In future, 7Days Inn will carry out cross-border cooperation with more IP brands which represent younger generations’ attitudes, and push brand IP to commercial values to realize its strategic goal – “7Days is more than a hotel”.

(Plateno Group)