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Aleksander Čeferin sole candidate for UEFA Presidency

UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin (Photo courtesy: UEFA)
UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin at the 42nd Ordinary UEFA Congress earlier this year. Photo courtesy: UEFA

UEFA has announced that by the set deadline of Wednesday 7 November 2018, it has received the following candidatures for the positions of UEFA President and European members of the FIFA Council, to be elected at the 43rd Ordinary UEFA Congress on 7 February 2019 in Rome:

Candidate for the UEFA Presidency (for a four-year term):

1. Čeferin* Aleksander (Slovenia)

* standing for re-election

Candidate for one FIFA vice-president position (for a four-year term):

1. Csányi* Sandor (Hungary)

*standing for re-election

Candidates for the FIFA vice-president position reserved for the four British associations, i.e. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales (for a four-year term) (in alphabetical order):

1. Clarke Greg (England)

2. Martin David (Northern Ireland)

Candidate for one ordinary member position on the FIFA Council (for a four-year term):

1. Grindel* Reinhard (Germany)

* standing for re-election

Candidates for two ordinary members positions on the FIFA Council (for a two-year term) (in alphabetical order):

1. Gomes Fernando (Portugal)

2. Koumas Georgios (Cyprus)

UEFA will submit the completed eligibility questionnaires for all candidates to FIFA in order for the FIFA Review Committee to carry out the relevant eligibility checks.

Finally, the deadline for the submission of candidatures for seats on the UEFA Executive Committee (eight members to be elected for four-year terms at February’s UEFA Congress in Rome) is Friday 7 December 2018.