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Jamshedpur FC host Grassroots Football Festival at NML Kerala Public School

Jamshedpur FC host Grassroots Football Festival at NML Kerala Public School. (Photo courtesy: Jamshedpur FC)
Jamshedpur FC host Grassroots Football Festival at NML Kerala Public School. Photo courtesy: Jamshedpur FC

Jamshedpur FC held a grassroots football festival at the NML Kerala Public School in Jamshedpur. With an overwhelming response of more than 250 young children taking part in the fun activities and drills planned by the team of 20 coaches from the Jamshedpur FC reserve team and Kundan Chandra, Head – Grassroots. The event was filled with an abundance of young smiling faces all around. The team of 20 volunteers from NML Kerala Public School ensured the event ran in a smooth and efficient manner.

The young ones at NML Kerala belonged to the age bracket of 5 to 12 years. The coaching staff chalked out different types of engaging games and drills that made learning the basics of the beautiful game as easy and fun as possible. The intention behind the activities was to enhance the skill set of the children in different fields such as strength, coordination, and balance. The drills were designed to sharpen the focus and concentration levels of the children and infuse self-confidence in the youngsters.

Talking about the importance of starting at an early age and how crucial grassroots level training is, the head of grassroots, Kundan Chandra said, “When we say grassroots, it means we have to start early. When we start early, we have more hours and years of age to train and enhance the techniques at an early age. Our objective is to get the maximum number of children involved, and rope in as many people as we can. We are touching local schools in Jamshedpur, and local clubs here so that the local population can get involved in the footballing scene, and with Jamshedpur FC.”

The Vice Principal of NML Kerala Public School, Rajni Sharma, was thrilled to host Jamshedpur FC and their initiative to host a grassroots football festival at her school. “The grassroots football festival is a very good initiative taken by Jamshedpur FC because nowadays students don’t play outdoors enough, they are engaging in video games at home. In the present day, it is essential to encourage the children to go out and play. It betters the agility and flexibility of the body, and through this initiative from Jamshedpur FC, today we saw all these kids playing and getting involved in sports,” said the Vice Principal.

“I feel the children have got a lot of exposure to football, as a sport, and this could ignite a spark towards their interests and potentially pave a path for their future in football. With a club like Jamshedpur FC, it is a great incentive to play football professionally, and be associated with the club someday,” added Ms. Sharma.

(Jamshedpur FC)