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FIFA MA course for Assistant Referees concludes

Participants of the FIFA MA course for Assistant Referees organised by the All India Football Federation for Assistant Referees. (Photo courtesy: AIFF Media)
Participants of the FIFA MA course for Assistant Referees organised by the All India Football Federation for Assistant Referees. (Photo courtesy: AIFF Media)

The two-day online FIFA MA course organised by the All India Football Federation for Assistant Referees ended on Friday (July 24, 2020). Fifty Assistant Referees including two female officials attended the course.

Mr. Farkhad Abdullaev from Uzbekistan was as the course instructor and new amendments in the laws of the game, reading of the game for assistant referees, off-side, teamwork were the primary topics which were discussed during the course.

The course came on the heels of online FIFA MA course for Referees which had ended on Wednesday.

“An Assistant referee’s job is very specific and needs to be dealt with a different approach. I have noticed that many countries usually organise a refereeing course with only one topic for Assistants — which is off-side. But, All India Football Federation looks at their job with more attention. I appreciate AIFF Referee’s Department for paying attention to the assistant referee’s education unlike many countries,” Abdullaev commented.

The Uzbek instructor was a Technical Instructor in four FIFA World Cups including Russia 2018, as well as two editions of the AFC Asian Cup.

“During this course, I surprised them with the new approach about off-side rules. It was a good indication for local instructors who also attended the course to comprehend which areas they need to work more on. After analysing the results of video tests and group discussions, experienced local Instructors know how to proceed further,” he mentioned.

J Tony, a FIFA panelled Assistant Referee, informed how this course helped him “improvise decision-making skills.”

“The video analysis session helped understand the amendments in the laws of the game. It further helped improvise my decision making skill in situations like penalty area incidents, handball,” the former AIFF Assistant Referee of the Year stated.

“It was a fruitful session for us, especially during the pandemic period when our outfield activities have been stalled. Topics like off-side, positioning and reading of the game, penalty area incidents and teamwork were discussed vividly. The video analysis sessions were apt and lucid,” Uvena Fernandes, who had officiated in FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019, commented.

Mr. Abdullaev further stated: “Some of the amendments are not difficult to understand. But some key topics like handball followed by an off-side or handball followed by a goal are trickier.”

The 50 assistant referees who attended the course are as follows:
Sumanta Dutta, Naveen Uttapal, Kishan Chand Joshi, Kuldeep Singh Tariyal, Pravin Farasi, Melwin Rosario Dcosta, Sainath H Haldankar, Ashwin Mohanlal Kanojiya, Pratik Arun Bajaj, Asit Kumar Sarkar, Kunal Sarkar, Nanigopal Saha, Samar Pal, Simanta Kahar, Sourav Sarkar, Suman Majumdar, Ujjal Halder, Bajrang Kumar Chauhan, Manoj Kumar Sahu, Parameshwar Gope, Sunil Toppo, Mujeeb DT, Nasar VPA, Sanjay ES, Sunil NC, A Cholan, Denny Ferbet, J Tony, Mohan R, Harimohan Singh Laishram, Rinkahao Vashum, Sapam Kennedy, Nameirakpam Arunkumar Singh, Ri Iohlang Dhar, Pradipta Kumar Nayak, Siba Sankar Panda, Vijayasankar R, Antony Abraham, Arun Sasidharan Pillai, Prajith PK, Uvena Fernandes, Nagoorkani B, R Manojkumar, Sam Christadoss J, Vairamuthu P, Velayutham Jayakumar, Satyajit Deb Roy, Abhishek Shankar Dey, Dipesh Manohar Sawant, Mohammad Kaleem.

(AIFF Media)