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Mohammedan Sporting coach Yan Law: It won’t be the same without fans in the stands

File picture of Yan Law. (Photo courtesy: Mohammedan Sporting Club)
Mohammedan Sporting Club head coach Yan Law. (Photo courtesy: Mohammedan Sporting Club)

Football has changed in the past few months and we have seen what has been happening since it returned. Playing behind closed doors has been a norm all over the world, some leagues have also used artificial fans as a substitute as no fans are allowed to come to the stadium.

Mohammedan Sporting will return to the field of play on the 8 of October in 2020 I-League qualifier clash and it is a tough pill to swallow as the twelfth man will not be able to be at the stadium and rally behind the boys. This was echoed by coach Yan Law when we said, “It is going to be difficult and we won’t cope playing without the fans.”

“We have one of the biggest fan bases in India and that is what motivates the team to bring out it’s full potential in each game. But now we have to play with empty stands, and we will definitely miss the atmosphere we are used to,” he added.

The atmosphere that the fans bring during game day is always electrifying. The beating of the drums and celebrating with the fans after the game is always a scene that creates a mood and it is heartbreaking that it will not be there as Panthers resume football but the boys are aware of what is at stake.

“We going to represent the fans very well as their absence will be felt and we must make sure that every game we play we play for the supporters so that they can feel our presence,” concluded Law.

(Mohammedan Sporting Club)