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Germany, Netherlands and Belgium declare interest in a joint 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup bid

Three Nations. One Goal. 2027 FIFA Women's World Cup bid. (Image courtesy: DFB)
Three Nations. One Goal. 2027 FIFA Women's World Cup bid. (Image courtesy: DFB)

The football federations of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands join forces to take a shot at hosting the 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the world’s biggest women’s sporting event.

The three nations, represented by Peter Bossaert (general-secretary RBFA), Heike Ullrich (deputy general-secretary DFB) and Gijs de Jong (general-secretary KNVB), have a clear and common goal: “Women’s football is known worldwide for its strong sense of community. All parties involved have an eye on the bigger picture. And that’s taking the sport to the next level together, both on and off the pitch. The fact that we, as rivals and good neighbours, can pick-up this project together is in line with this idea. Although the development of women’s football in our individual countries is in different stages, we share the ambition to give the sport a huge boost, both nationally and internationally. We strongly believe that this special piece of teamwork can make the difference and increase our chances to host this tournament.”

The three traditional rivals have already expressed their ambitions to host the 2027 World Cup to FIFA, responsible for organising the world cup, and UEFA. The three associations intend to make further arrangements regarding the tournament and put this down in a covenant before the end of the year. After this, the talks with the (national) authorities and potential host cities and training venues will start. It’s still unclear when the actual bid needs to be submitted. The same goes for when FIFA will announce who gets the hosting rights.

The Royal Netherlands Football Association already announced in 2018 their desire to bring the FIFA Women’s World Cup to the Netherlands in 2027, which resulted in parliamentary support and a positive opinion of the national minister of Sports.

Initiator KNVB hosted the UEFA Women’s Euros in 2017, while Germany organised this event twice, in 1989 and 2001. The Germans were also responsible for organising the women’s world cup of 2011. Winning the 2027 bid would make it Belgium’s first time to host a major women’s tournament.

In June this year, Australia and New Zealand won the bid to host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.