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Stars on shirts: As of when and how many?


The placement of one or more stars on a club’s shirt is intended to emphasise the extraordinary significance of the club having won multiple Bundesliga titles.

The first milestone is reached when a club wins its third Bundesliga title. From then on, a star may be worn on the shirt as a symbol of this success, immediately adjacent to the club logo. A star can also be added to the shorts. Additional stars can be added after the club reaches a certain number of championship wins.

The concrete milestones are:
• From three Bundesliga titles: one star
• From five Bundesliga titles: two stars
• From ten Bundesliga titles: three stars
• From 20 Bundesliga titles: four stars
• From 30 Bundesliga titles: five stars

Championships won in the Bundesliga era (from the 1963-64 season onwards) count towards this. Accordingly, FC Bayern München, which secured its 30th title in the 2020-21 season, may take to the field with five stars from next season.

The height and width of the stars must be between 20 and 22 mm. Further regulations concerning this can be found in section 28 of the DFL’s ‘Guidelines on Playing Kit and Equipment’ (‘Richtlinie für Spielkleidung und Ausrüstung’).

(DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga)