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It’s just a jersey… or 7,350 € in cash!

David Trezeguet

David Trezeguet

Football fans love their memorabilia and they even spend lots of money to grab their very own Holy Grail. Olivier Demolis is one of these fans and he was more than excited, when he found the number #20 jersey of French international David Trezeguet on the online auction platform eBay.

The Frenchman auctioned the jersey worn by by his compatriot in the 1998 FIFA World Cup final, when France beat Brazil 3-0 at the Stade de France. Demolis payed 7,350 Euros (10,040 US $) to a well-known Brazilian vendor and was looking forward to add another historic jersey to his collection of original “Les Bleues” jerseys.

Demolis never received the jersey, but was informed by the French authorities that the jersey has been destroyed by customs officers, who took it for a fake!

“I was told that the jersey had been destroyed as a fake by customs officials. I went mad,” the Frenchman told local media.

Demolis is seeking compensation from the French authorities and one can only hope that he will get at least a few bucks after the fatal mistake by the customs officers.