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Bin Hammam: Increasing evidence of conspiracy

Mohamed Bin Hammam

Mohamed Bin Hammam

The latest statement by the office of AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam says that there is “increasing evidence of conspiracy” behind the bribery allegations made against him.

Official statement:

Despite the fact that Mohamed Bin Hammam only had 48 hours to answer accusations of bribery, he submitted his reply to FIFA by 12 p.m. today. There is increasing evidence of a conspiracy against his candidacy for the FIFA presidency.

After having analyzed and answered the accusations of bribery made against Mohamed Bin Hammam, it seems obvious that they are without substance.

During his campaign for the FIFA presidency, Mohamed Bin Hammam wanted to visit as many national associations as possible. It is true that Mr. Bin Hammam addressed representatives of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) at an extraordinary meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, which took place on May 10 and 11. Nobody has ever tried to hide the fact that Mr. Bin Hammam paid for the delegates’ travel and accommodation expenses and covered the meeting’s administrative costs. At this congress, Mr. Bin Hammam presented his programme, which included proposals to give more say, more pay, more support and more responsibility to the national associations. Mr. Bin Hammam reiterates that any allegations about him trying to buy votes are completely false.

It is obvious that these allegations have been made to discredit Mr. Bin Hammam as a candidate in the imminent election for the FIFA presidency. For example, it took 14 days to formulate these allegations, whereas Mr. Bin Hammam was given less than 48 hours to respond. It is quite obvious that, following previous failed attempts, this is part of a final effort to prevent Mr. Bin Hammam from running for the FIFA presidency. Mr. Bin Hammam expects FIFA’s Ethics Committee to see through this tawdry manoeuvre. After analyzing the allegations made against Mr. Bin Hammam, it is difficult to understand how the case could even have been brought before the Committee.

Mohamed Bin Hammam: “I am happy that on June 1st the election will take place and the delegates of the 208 National Associations will be able to make their decision.”