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Bin Hammam to appeal against the decision

Mohamed Bin Hammam

Mohamed Bin Hammam

Mohamed Bin Hammam will appeal against the decision of FIFA Ethics Committee…

Official Statement:

Mohamed Bin Hammam will not accept yesterday’s decision by the FIFA Ethics Committee. As he is only allowed to appeal against the motivated decision by the FIFA Ethics Committee, he urgently requested this by Tuesday, May 31st, to be able to file his appeal in due time and to revoke the provisional ban before the congress of June 1stis starting.

There are many open questions: What was the discussion in the Ethics Committee and how did the Ethics Committee come to its conclusion? There are many other questions which need to be answered and transparency is urgently needed.

Mohamed Bin Hammam: “The way these proceedings have been conducted is absolutely not compliant with any principles of justice. I am punished before I am found guilty. I get the impression that the outcome of these proceedings had been defined from the very beginning as it has been made evident at the press conference on Sunday evening at which FIFA General Secretary Jérôme Valcke showed his bias very clearly. This is not acceptable as the FIFA Ethics Committee is supposed to be a fully independent body. Therefore, I also expect the further investigation to be influenced and manipulated.”