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Hargreaves searching for a club via YouTube

Owen Lee Hargreaves

Owen Lee Hargreaves

Former England and Manchester United player Owen Hargreaves was once considered as one of the most promising midfielders in world football.  Many injuries have brought his career to a low point, as Hargreaves is a free agent now after Manchester United didn’t offer an extension of his contract at the end of last season. But Owen Hargreaves has made a dramatic attempt to salvage his career… via YouTube!

The 30-year-old Canadian-born player started his professional football career in Germany with FC Bayern Munich. He spent seven years with the German giants and gained international fame during his time in Germany. Hargreaves made his international debut in 2001 and things looked even better for him, when he signed a deal with English giant Manchester United in 2007.

But his four-year stay with Manchester United didn’t take off as expected. Hargreaves stint with the EPL side was coined with many injuries and United refused to extend his contract.

Hargreaves has now taken it to the internet in a series of short videos in an attempt to resurrect his career. A series of homemade-style videos on YouTube show he’s healed and ready to sign a contract.

The clips show Hargreaves doing a series of conditioning and strengthening exercises in a gym, putting pressure on his right knee to prove he is not suffering any lasting effects from tendinitis.

And it seems like his efforts could turn fruitful as Leicester City manager Sven Göran Eriksson is considering to sign Hargreaves after seeing the clips.

“I saw his videos and if he wants to come here I will open the door and stand and wait for him in the door,” Eriksson told Reuters.

“He’s been very unlucky in recent years but if he’s close to what he was he is a fantastic football player,” Eriksson added.

More videos are available on Owen Hargreaves YouTube-Channel: