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VIDEO: Luisão knocks out referee in friendly match

VIDEO: Luisão knocks out referee in friendly match

S.L. Benfica captain Luisão lost his cool in a pre-season friendly match against Fortuna Düsseldorf in Germany on Saturday. The Brazil star attacked referee Christian Fischer with a body-check and knocked him out during first half action at the ESPRIT arena.

Fischer was in progress to sent off Benfica’s Savi Garcia Fernandez with a second yellow card, when the Benfica skipper attacked him. The referee lost his consciousness and went down to the ground. The medical staff of Fortuna Düsseldorf had to take care of the young referee.

Fischer abandoned the match before half-time and the 22,000 fans in the stadium were shocked to witness such an incident during a pre-season friendly match.

One could think that the incident was enough of a scandal, but things even got nasty when Benfica players and coaches laughed at the referee.

“I didn’t do anything aggresive,” Luisão told. “I just tried to get in front of my players and the referee went down suddenly. I don’t expect any punishment.”

But TV footages clearly prove that Luisão attacked the referee and hit his chin with the shoulder. The Brazilian international could face a heavy punishment, depending on the action taken by the involved FA’s.

“It is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in football,” Fortuna’s chairman Peter Frymuth told in an interview with German TV channel Sport1.

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Watch Luisão’s attack against Christian Fischer…