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Exclusive Interview: Alena Gerber (Fashion Model & TV Presenter)

Alena Gerber is a famous German model and TV presenter. The 23 year hard-working girl started her career at a quite young age and she has made it big since starting her career. Alena has worked for many major fashion companies like Escada, L’Oréal Paris, Dsquared, Hilfiger and Talbot & Runhof among many others.

I had the chance to interview Alena on her career, her private life and a few other topics. The result is an interesting and informal interview which introduces us to Alena Gerber’s journey in the fashion industry. Enjoy the exclusive interview with


Alena Gerber im Interview mit Chris Punnakkattu Daniel (, thanks a lot for making some time for this interview. How are you doing?
Very good! Thanks, my dear Chris! (smiles)

You are a renowned and well booked model. How does it feel to be so successful and what are your goals for the future?
Thanks a lot. It feels really good to stand on my own feet since the beginning of my career and it makes me really proud that I never needed some help from my parents. I am a self-made woman. The model business is a tough one nowadays and the competition is so huge. Sometimes you contest against hundreds of other models at the various castings for just one job. There are hardly any friendships in the industry and you are on one’s own. You can rarely depend on anyone. That was something I needed to learn first. I wish I will be able to gain a better knowledge of human nature in future… (winks) And of course many exciting projects… I dream of hosting a sports programme on German television.

Where do you see yourself in one, in five and in ten years time?
I wish I will be able to make myself an established name as a sports anchor in five years time and that I will have as much luck and happiness as I had to date. Well, in ten years… I don’t give a thought about it yet. I think it would be a perfect age to start with family planning… (smiles)

Which sports would be your favourite ones in your job as a sports anchor/presenter?
Sports attract me very much in general. I’ve a special interest in motorcycle sport, boxing, Thai boxing, tennis and Formula 1. I personally do ballet and boxing.

How did you get into modeling? And did you have any patrons who helped you to reach your professional goals?
A female model agent spotted me at the age of 12. I was shopping with my mother at the König Street in Stuttgart when she approached me. My parents didn’t benefit me although they have a background from the fashion industry themselves. I had the responsibility to find a good balance between my high school studies and my model job by myself. Otherwise my parents would have forbidden me to continue my job.

Did you have always the ambition to work in this glamorous and tough business? Did you have any role models?
No, not at all. My dream was always to be a lawyer. The pretended glamorous world of fashion was always something unappealing. I still split my professional life and my private life. I rarely have any friends in the fashion industry. Most of my friends are based in other fields of social life and that’s something I feel freshening.

Alena Gerber im Interview mit Chris Punnakkattu Daniel ( was your first job as a model? How did you get the job and how did it proceed? I guess it was quite strange for you to be in front of the camera for the very first time?
I had my very first model job even before I signed my first employment contract as a model. It was at a fashion show in Tenerife and my father asked me to step in as a replacement for one of his models that was absent. He needed a quick replacement. All the other models were about twenty years old and I felt a little bit strange as a twelve year old girl. But I wasn’t nervous nor did I feel unwell. I think I didn’t think too much about it. It was like doing a side job comparable to babysitting or delivering the newspaper. I had always the endeavour to stand on my own feet and not to be dependent on the pocket money I received as a student.

You have been around in this modeling business for a very long time and you had numerous shootings. Which shooting is your personal all-time highlight? And why…?
Phew, I can’t answer that question… I’m lucky to experience so many beautiful things. It’s impossible to pick out just one of these experiences. It is of course brilliant, if I get the chance to travel to the United States for a shooting. I always preferably add two or three days to have a break – but that is mostly impossible, because the schedule is timed very stingy. You arrive at the spot, do your work and you take the next flight to travel to the next destination.

Which kind of shootings do you prefer? What does tempt you at that?
I love flamboyant high fashion shootings. The more out of the touch with the real world the better! Most people pigeonhole me into the mainstream commercial side. But they are surprised when they see my fashion pictures and they don’t recognise me. This type of a stunner is something I really like! But I also love the natural and gentle settings without much make-up and all the ballyhoo.

Are there any „no-goes“ for you? When do you say: “No, I won’t do it!”
Pelt oder any jobs where animals had to suffer. I’m a strict vegetarian and I don’t care about the money, if that’s the case. I won’t do it…

Your jobs let you travel to many destinations around the globe. Which city or country did fascinate you the most?
Bangkok, Miami and Singapore. Bangkok is incredibly beautiful and so messy at the same time. I love the food, the people, the Thai massage, the markets and the islands.
Miami is a place I would like to stay forever and Singapore is so colourful, vibrant, multifaceted and charming.

Alena Gerber im Interview mit Chris Punnakkattu Daniel (, let’s say I would book you for a shooting and I would leave you the option to choose the destination for the shooting. Which destination or even multiple destinations would you name and why? What is the magic behind the destination?
I have the incredible wish to visit St. Barth’s one day. I have never visited the country and I would love to explore the island.

You will have many new fans in India after this interview. Have you been to India and/or do you have any plans to visit the country?
I LOVE Indian food – more than any other cuisine! I would love to visit India one day and explore the country with all its facets. That’s definitely one of my dreams!

What does hit your mind first when you think about India?
My beloved curry… (laughs) No, I’m just kidding. The beautiful women, the colours, the fragrances… There are so many things coming to my mind! (smiles)

Would you fancy to work as a model in India or to even have a try in the colourful world of Bollywood?
I have to admit that I love Bollywood movies. It would be wonderful, if I had the chance to work in India one day.

That’s really interesting that you reveal your passion for Bollywood. What do you like about the Bollywood movies which are considered icky in Europe?
Isn’t there a little bit of romance in all of us? Deeply hidden?

Did you ever have the honour to meet any Bollywood stars?
Unfortunately not yet as I haven’t been to India. And I didn’t have the pleasure for the same in the United States.

You have many admirers and fans by now. You have more than 10,000 fans on your official Facebook page [+ click here] and the number is increasing every day. How proud are you about this fact and do you sometimes think that you’re just dreaming? Do you feel it is an acknowledgement for your success?
I’m proud about each single fan, each comment made on the page and all the lovely messages. It is nothing I take for granted and I try hard to reply all the messages, to answer the questions asked and I’m always open to the suggestions and wishes made by the fans. One of the things I have decided to do very soon is to raffle a „meet & greet”. It is one of the wishes made by my fans and it’s the time to make things happen… (smiles)

Alena Gerber im Interview mit Chris Punnakkattu Daniel ( important are media like Facebook and the compulsory website for the public success? How do these media affect your career as a model in a positive or negative way?
Well, they are not that important for me as a model, because most of these things are handled by my agency. But they are vital for my TV projects as they offer my clients the chance to have an idea about my market value, the target group on the Facebook page and to find out, if the general public is interested in the artist.

Let us turn the focus from the famous model to the private Alena Gerber. I think many fans will be anxious to know more about you. Please tell me more about your background and your childhood.
I was born in Ruit nearby Stuttgart. I was a tiny premature baby and I had to spend several weeks in the incubator. I was a small and crinkled baby in those days and the doctor told my mum: „She will survive but she won’t be a beauty queen.” Well, 16 years later I was actually crowned a beauty queen and the doctor saw the report in the newspaper. He sent us a letter and that was really funny. I left for the United States at the age of 16 and returned one year later to do my German A levels. Then I moved to Munich to earn some money ahead of my law studies. Well… I remained to work in that job as you can see… (laughs)

Do you have any siblings?
I have a sister named Deborah (19) and a half brother named Mario (6).

What’s your favourite music? Do you have any favourite singers?
I like rock music and hip-hop. I preferably listen to Creed, Buckcherry, Goo Goo Dolls and Kanye West… (smiles)

Do you have any ambitions to have a try as a singer?
I will spare you with that although I have a musical background…

What about movies and TV series? Which is your favourite movie and which TV series are you addicted to?
I love to watch „Two and a Half Men”. That’s my absoute favourite serial! Furthermore I dig to horror movies and psychological thrillers.

Alena Gerber im Interview mit Chris Punnakkattu Daniel ( are your favourite actors and actresses?
Charlie Sheen, of course! (winks) And I like Jake Gyllenhaal and Christan Bale.

Please tell me more about your hobbies and interest. What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy every moment with my dog Dexter outside in the fresh air. I also cook Indian and Thai food with my girls. Ordinary things like going to the cinema, doing some sport and of course chatting about anything and everything with my best friend for hours. To the cost of my boyfriend…!

What about sport? Do you do any sport and which sport do thrill you as a spectator?
I’m a passionate Thai boxer, I love to ski and wakeboarding and I do some running. But I rarely go to the gym, because I don’t like the stuffy air and the atmosphere there.

How about football? That’s of course a interesting question to me as I work in that industry. Do you have any favourite club?
I like FC Bayern Munich and FC Schalke 04. There are so many great clubs and I can’t fix to one. But it’s really difficult when Bayern and Schalke face each other…

We are coming to an end and I would like to finally give you the opportunity to address a message to your fans in Germany, Europe and around the globe.
Thank you so much for everything! I’m so proud of you all and I’m grateful!

Alena, thanks a lot for this wonderful interview. I wish you all the best and a lot of success in all your activities. I’m looking forward to meet you again very soon!
Thanks a lot my dear! (kiss)

Visit Alena Gerber’s official website and her official Facebook page [+click here].