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Sunil Shetty: Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif needed to make football sexy

Bollywood star Sunil Shetty and India skipper Sunil Chhetri

Bollywood star Sunil Shetty feels that there is a need to get female stars like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif on board to make Indian football sexy.

Talking to the attendees of the first-ever Goa International Football Table, Shetty said: “If we are talking about making football sexy, we will have to talk to Deepika and Katrina.”

“Look at what David Beckham has done to American soccer. He has made a huge difference by his presence there,” he continued.

“It is a sport for youngsters. Football needs younger legs. I don’t think I can play football,” Shetty said when he talked about the interest in football by other Bollywood stars like Abhishek Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor.

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