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The Vietnamese “Running Man” thrill Arsenal stars

Vu Xuan Dien - The Running Man

Vu Xuan Dien - The Running Man

Arsenal FC are currently touring Asia and they face huge interest from the locals. But young Vu Xuan Dien was able to thrill the stars with his devotion in the streets of Hanoi.

The Gunners arrived in the Vietnamese capital on Tuesday, while hundreds of fans gathered to welcome the EPL stars in their country. The 20-year-old Vu Xuan Dien was one of them. Dressed in his red red Arsenal jersey, the youngster started to follow the team bus on its way to the hotel. But it turned out to be an amazing story of a passionate youngster from Vietnam, who catched the attention of the whole team and coaching staff.

Vu Xuan Dien didn’t stop to run after the bus after a few metres. No, he sprinted through the streets of Hanoi and the first players noticed the youngster after a kilometre. He was still running at kilometre two and the whole bus started to watch the boy at kilometre three!

Temperatures around 30°C and humidity at 65% didn’t hinder Vu Xuan Dien. Striker Olivier Giroud started to film the run at kilometre four and the players opened the windows at kilometre five and started to sing “Sign him up! Sign him up!”.

Minutes later Vu Xuan Dien disappeared, but he closed up again on a motorbike before he started to run once again. The Arsenal players stopped the bus and they invited the boy to join them in the bus. Vu Xuan Dien was rewarded by the players and manager Arsène Wenger with admiration, backslapping and autographs.

The club invited Vu Xuan Dien, who is known as “The Running Man” in the media, to their exhibition match against the national team of Indonesia on Wednesday and the young boy had a seat of honour at the side of the pitch.

Arsenal have published the video clip filmed by Giroud with Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny telling the story of how the extraordinary exploits of Vu Xuan Dien got him a very special ride on the team bus.

Watch the VIDEO CLIP here at… Enjoy!

VIDEO 1 | The Running Man

VIDEO 2 | The Running Man returns!