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Match Commissioner and Referee Assessor Education Course begins

Match Commissioner and Referee Assessor Education Course

The Match Commissioner and Referee Assessor Education Course kicked off at the All India Football Federation (AIFF) Headquarters, the Football House, today.

The three-day affair aims at improving the standard of Refereeing ahead of the rigorous I-League Season through correct Referee Assessment procedures.

The Course is divided into two parts, the Refereee Assessor’s Education Programme for which the Instructors are Komaleeswaran Sankar, Walter Pereira and others, and the Match Commissioners’ Education Programme which is being taken care of by AIFF Head of Referees Col. Goutam Kar.

Col. Kar stressed on the challenges ahead. “The seminar is aimed at taking Match Operations to the next level,” Kar told AIFF Media.

“The job of a Match Commissioner and Referee Assessor is unique and difficult. For the first time two Women are inducted in the Course keeping an eye on future women events,” he added.

This is the Second Edition of the Education Programme, the first taking place on October 3, 2012. The first one was a two-day Course. But this year the time frame has been increased by a day to have more time available for Referee Assessment Procedures.

Twenty Two Match Commissioners are taking part in the Seminar. All of them are eminent former Referees.

The list of Match Commissioners/Referee Assessors are:
Mrinal Roy, RD Show, J Ravishankar, Rizwan Ul Haq, JS Nagvenkar, Gulab Chauhan, Sumanta Ghosh, Supriya Bhattacharya, Binod Kumar Singh, Ak Mamukoya, CM Ramesh Babu, S Suresh, P Basker, Walter Pereira, Dhanraj More, Michael Andrews, K.Sankar, Anthony John D’Costa, Gokuldas Nagvenkar, PK Bose, Chaitali Paul, Anamika Sen

(Report & Picture courtesy AIFF Media)