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VIDEO: “Gravity of Faith” – A football short film from Fort Kochi

Gravity of Faith

Gravity of Faith

Keralite filmmaker Viji Sam and his production company Mother Earth Films have conceived a short film portraying the grassroot football culture of Fort Kochi.

“This film discovers intense passion of a 83-year-old football coach and his boys,” Viji Sam told “I had the privilege to film this project with real footballers and a determined football coach.”

The short film has a running time of three minutes and it “discovers the intense determination and faith” of coach Rufus D’Souza and a young footballer named Glenn Barried.

“Destiny never favored Rufus. His parents had sent him a telegram in 1954, and asked him to come back home to take care of his ailing parents. He received the telegram while he was attending the selection trials for Mohammedan Sporting Club in Calcutta. Rufus reclaimed his football life by training young footballers in Parade Ground (Fort Kochi, Kerala).”

Viji Sam filmed the short film with his own fund, while Mother Earth Films produced the project. Shyam Joseph (Cinematography), Tony Anderson (Music) and the duo of Arun Varma and Dan Jose (both Sound Design) contributed to the project.

Enjoy the “Gravity of Faith”…