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Mumbai Tigers pull out of U-19 I-League

U-19 I-League

U-19 I-League

The U-19 I-League tournament kicks off with the battle within the Maharashtra Zone from January 14, 2014 onwards. In the first encounter, PIFA Sports FC U-19 take on Kenkre FC U-19 at the Goan Sports Ground in Churchgate.

Pune FC are the most successful team in the junior version of the I-League. The club have lifted the U-19 I-League Trophy in 2012 and 2013 respectively, and they will be looking forward to completing a hattrick of sorts. The mentor of the Pune FC colts, Ranjan Choudhury, earlier stated that the Pune FC academy boys are looking well prepared for the upcoming tournament and they are a strong and a cohesive unit.

There were previously six teams in the Maharashtra Zone, but Mumbai Tigers FC pulled out of the competition on Wednesday. The other teams of the Maharashtra Zone besides the above mentioned teams are Mumbai FC U-19 and AIFF Regional Academy (Navi Mumbai).

The U-19 I-League would be played first on a zonal basis (home and away) followed by the Final-leg in Jamshedpur. The zonal groups will be played in Kolkata, Mumbai, Shillong, Goa and another group formed by all other teams from the Rest of India, which will be played on a Single-leg basis in Jamshedpur ahead of the Final-leg.

The top team from each zone, and two teams from the Rest of India zone, i.e. six teams will play each other in a single leg League, the final Round of which will start from the mid of April. Finally, the team with the highest points will be adjudged as the U-19 Champions.


14/01/2014: PIFA Colaba FC – Kenkre FC (Mumbai)
14/01/2014: AIFF Navi Mumbai Academy – Mumbai FC (Navi Mumbai)

17/01/2014: Kenkre FC – Pune FC (Mumbai)
18/01/2014: AIFF Navi Mumbai Academy – PIFA Colaba FC (Navi Mumbai)

20/01/2014: Pune FC – Mumbai FC (Pune)
21/01/2014: Kenkre FC – AIFF Navi Mumbai Academy (Mumbai)

11/02/2014: AIFF Navi Mumbai Academy – Pune FC (Navi Mumbai)
12/02/2014: PIFA Colaba FC – Mumbai FC (Mumbai)

14/02/2014: Pune FC – PIFA Colaba FC (Pune)
15/02/2014: Mumbai FC – Kenkre FC (Mumbai)

18/02/2014: Kenkre FC – PIFA Colaba FC (Mumbai)
19/02/2014: Mumbai FC – Kenkre FC (Mumbai)

21/02/2014: Pune FC – Kenkre FC (Pune)
22/02/2014: PIFA Colaba FC – AIFF Navi Mumbai Academy (Mumbai)

24/02/2014: Mumbai FC – AIFF Navi Mumbai Academy (Mumbai)
24/02/2014: AIFF Navi Mumbai Academy – Kenkre FC (Navi Mumbai)

28/02/2014: Pune FC – AIFF Navi Mumbai Academy (Pune)
01/03/2014: Mumbai FC – PIFA Colaba FC (Mumbai)

07/03/2014: PIFA Colaba FC – Pune FC (Mumbai)
08/03/2014: Kenkre FC – Mumbai FC (Mumbai)

(Edited AIFF Media Report)