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Bayern subsidise tickets as English fans complain about their clubs

Bastian Schweinsteiger

German giants FC Bayern Munich have decided to spend €90,000 (£75,000) subsidising the cost of fans’ tickets for the upcoming UEFA Champions League away match with Arsenal.

Bayern will get 2,974 tickets for the Round of 16 first leg match at the Emirates on February 19. But Arsenal have priced the tickets at €75 (£62) each, which much more than German football fans normally pay for top football matches in the Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League or even national team matches.

The Bundesliga champions have therefore decided to subsidise the cost as a thank you for their support during a record-breaking 2013. Bayern are to pay €30 (£24.80) towards the cost of each ticket as a goodwill gesture.

“For the 2,974 tickets made available by Arsenal, we have received 18,000 orders. The ticket price asked by Arsenal is £62 (€75) each,” the club said on its official website.”

“The terrific support of the fans lifted Bayern. Particularly noteworthy is the large number of Bayern fans who not only supported the highlights, but were at every game.”

“The fact is that this loyalty at such a high number of games does not only take up a great deal of time, but it also tears a big hole in the wallet.”

“Bayern has therefore decided to subsidise the tickets for the away game at Arsenal with nearly €90,000. Thus every Bayern fan who buy a ticket for the game in London on February 19 will pay only €45 (instead of the regular €75).”

“This is intended as a small thank you for your great support in 2013,” the statement ended.

Bayern’s decision to subsidise tickets is a great example of how German clubs manage to market the game in the country with a close eye on the fans’ need.

English football fans have been complaining about costly tickets for many years and fan groups have once again stated that the sale of overpriced tickets is damaging for English football in the longer term.

“We commend Bayern’s gesture and once again this demonstrates that in Germany, the core support of clubs is truly recognised and taken care of,” Nordi Chaoui-Taylor, a spokesman for Arsenal fans group ‘Black Scarf Movement’, told the DAILY MAIL newspaper.

“In this country it seems as if clubs are more focused on greed, looking to take their own fans for as much as they possibly can.”

“We believe this short-term dash for cash is ultimately damaging for English football in the longer term. It’s time those running our clubs take the blinkers off, and look at the bigger picture.”