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FIFA World Cup waste material in Porto Alegre will turn into fuel

2014 FIFA World Cup

2014 FIFA World Cup

An innovative Project will make Porto Alegre stand out from the other Wolrd Cup Host Cities in what refers to environmental sustainability.

The waste material produced in two spaces that will be working during the event – the Farroupilha Camp and the FIFA Fan Fest – will be transformed into fuel that will supply the fuel for the truck that will be collecting the waste on the World Cup days. GNVerde – Green Liquefied Petroleum Gas – is an exclusive brand of the Gas Company of the State (Sulgás), and is generated by the decomposition of the organic waste that has similar chemical characteristics to the liquefied petroleum gas, which can be used to fuel vehicles.

“We can say that this Project is the top of the environmental sustainability, for it represents a closed renewable cycle, with a vehicle that is fueled by the energy generated from the same residual waste that was transported by him” affirms the president director of Sulgas, Roberto Tejadas.

This action was idealized between Sulgas in partnership with the Municipal Department of Urban Cleaning (DMLU), the Thematic Chamber of the Environment and Sustainability of the World Cup Managing Committee, the Sports and Leisure State Secretary, Iveco-Bivel, Realeza Furgões and the Joint Committee Green-Brazil, formed by the companies Ecocitrus e Naturovos. The Brazilian Association of the Environmental and Sanitary Engineering (ABES-RS) will also be helping by supplying the rubbish bins and having teams available to guide the participants of the Farroupilha Camp about the correct use and how to correctly separate the organic waste. In the FIFA Fan Fest, the project was integrated into the pogram “Resíduo Zero – Zero Waste”, of the DMLU, which is part of the Plan of Action for Urban Cleaning in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The Project
The organic waste produced in the Farroupilha Camp and in the FIFA Fan Fest during the World Cup will be collected by the DMLU and separated to be sent to the production plant of the GNVerde, which is installed in the city of Montenegro (RS) and maintained by the Committee Green-Brazil. The truck, which in made by the Iveco company, has a special engine and technology, which is fueled by LPG, developed by FPT Industrial, and will be fueled by the very own gas generated from the transformation of the organic waste collected during the Wolrd Cup.