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More detailed video analysis for Indian national team

Jan Tunli and Stephen Constantine
Jan Tunli and Stephen Constantine

Picture courtesy: AIFF Media

It’s very often that Indian national coach Stephen Constantine mentions that “football is all about detail.”

In an effort to further get into the minute detailing of video analysing for the national team, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) sought the services of Jan Tunli, CEO, Interplay Sports who conducted a training session for Shankar Sigamani, Video Analyst, Indian senior national team at AIFF Headquarters, Football House in New Delhi. Stephen Constantine was also present during the session.

“I have been working with Interplay for the last 5-6 years. The software provides you with a great deal more information than many of the other software’s and it’s a lot easier to use.” Constantine told AIFF Media.

The transition phase which Indian football is currently going through is keen on taking positive steps which would move the sport forward. The initiative was undertaken on the advice of the national coach for the first time in the country.

“I feel all the clubs should be using some sort of software as it is paramount for the development of players and of course the clubs,” he added.

Referring to what makes the software a unique one, Constantine further stated: “As a national coach it’s not possible for me to be with the players all year round but the flexibility and the user friendliness of Interplay allows both myself and players alike to view particular clips online. In doing this we are able to help develop the player in certain areas even though we are seeing them on a day to day basis.”

“In fact many of the top teams in Asia and all across the world are using match analysis software such as Japan, Australia, and South Korea. In Europe most teams are using match analysis software and even an U-10 Girls Team in the US recently used Interplay during their half-time talk. The value-addition is just amazing.”

Meanwhile, Interplay CEO Jan Tunli, mentioned that working with Shankar was a “good experience” in helping to educate him on the system.

“Stephen Constantine is a modern coach and loves to get into very minute details. The tools used will help the players to upgrade themselves,” he told AIFF Media.

“The two biggest user points of the software is that it is a more elaborate system and very much user friendly. It is often used during half-time allowing the coach to make valuable points to the players. Interplay is used by many national and club teams around the world and is used not solly for football. Interplay is also used in ice hockey, tennis, basketball and also has versions for field hockey and look forward to presenting the system to Indian clubs and the hockey federation.”

“Football in India is growing and improving. The Indian clubs can also use the system and continue to grow and help the development of the game here.”

Shankar pointed about the “new features” in the system.

“The software highlights a lot on individual players. It will analyse you their positioning, running, the graph, etc. You can even break it down to every ten minutes, the specifications are unbelievable. The statistics provided along with the software is novel indeed.”

(Report & Picture courtesy AIFF Media)