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AIFF organises FIFA Women’s Refresher Course

FIFA Women’s Refresher Course
FIFA Women’s Refresher Course

Photo courtesy: AIFF Media

Following on the heels of FIFA Live Your Goals and keeping in tune with the promotion of Women’s Football while providing a catalyst to the evolution of the Women Coaches in the country, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) will kick-off the FIFA Women’ Refreshers Course in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh from September 14, 2015.

The Course will be conducted by Holland’s Hester de Reus.

The Course will not only provide a platform to evolve and harness the skills of the respective Coaches but will also play an imperative part in growth of Women’s Football in the Country by tutoring able Coaches, who in turn will produce sterling talents.

Talking exclusively to AIFF Media, Priya PV, Head Coach U-19 Indian Women’s National Team expressed, “the Course will help in the evolution of Women’s Coaches in the Country.”

“Women’s Football in on the rise in India and capitalizing on it by developing able Coaches is an added benefit. I thank the AIFF for conducting such Courses which not only promote Women’s Football but gender equality too,” she echoed.

28 Women Coaches from across the Country will participate in the Course, which is engineered to tutor them in modern trends of Coaching like tactics and other minute technicalities of the game.

“It is imperative for any Coach to learn and sync with the changing scenario of the World, this Course offers just that,” opined Maymol Rocky, Head Coach U-14 Indian Women’s National Team.

“Knowledge stays the key for any Coach and Courses such as these help add in the knowledge bank of a Coach. Initiatives like these will help in the growth of Women’s Football in India,” she added.

“The Course will help us to become Coaches and it is no secret that better Coaches produce better Players,” Chaoba Devi, one of the participants, told AIFF Media.

“The strength of Women’s Football also stays in the Grassroots and Courses such as this help the Coaches to unearth talent. This Course will not only make me a better Coach, but will also help me to share and spark a conversation on various Coaching ideas.”

The recent success of FIFA Live Your Goals in Mumbai has asserted that Women’s Football is on a spiral upward in the Country. And given the evolution of Women’ Coaches through various such Courses, one can only fantasize about what the future seems to hold for Women’s Football in India.

(Report & Photo courtesy AIFF Media)