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Hublot creates history in bringing Pelé and Maradona together

Hublot creates history in bringing Pelé and Maradona together

On the eve of the UEFA EURO 2016, just before the big kick-off of the European Football Championships for which Hublot is Official Watch, the Swiss watchmaker is bringing together two brand new teams for a historic match. A line-up that football has never seen, and that football fans have always dreamt of. There are moments in football which are eternal, and Hublot is writing one.

“We have all dreamt of an ideal team, of seeing some of our favourite players come together under the same colours. To see the two biggest rivals of all time team up in a legendary match, buzzing with the passion for football which drives us all, is a real privilege. This match is one of the ‘off the record’ moments that I could have chosen as my favourite ‘EURO moment’. It is a match which says a lot about Hublot’s involvement and the ties it has woven over the past decade in the world of football, by teaming up with prestigious clubs, star trainers, magicians with the ball and the best leagues,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

Hublot, as the first luxury brand to invest in football back in 2008, chose as “écrin” a prestigious venue. Just a few metres from the Louvre, in the heart of the Palais Royal, next to the “Colonnes de Buren” two legendary teams will tread this fresh turf. Take the two best players of all time, ten legends and stars of the round ball game, and create two teams for a classic friendly match bringing together players used to competing against each other. The players take the field, followed by Pelé and Maradona. Recognised as the best players of all time, the two coaches shake hands before the kick-off. At half-time, there is a penalty shoot-out for the UEFA Foundation, “UEFA Foundation for the children”.

Team Pelé: Ferdinand, Hierro, Dida, Crespo and Bebeto
Team Maradona: Trezeguet, Peruzzi, Ferrara, Cannavaro and Seedorf

(Report & Photo courtesy Hublot Press Release)