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VIDEO – Exclusive Interview: Seema Jaswal (ISL Lead Anchor, Star Sports)

An exclusive arunfoot & CPD Football TV interview with Star Sports’ Indian Super League Lead Anchor Seema Jaswal at the World Football Forum 2016 (WFF) in Paris, France on July 8, 2016.

At the World Football Forum on Friday, we Arunava Chaudhuri (arunfoot) and Chris Punnakkattu Daniel (CPD Football) caught-up with Seema to speak with her about her journey in the world of Indian football.

We spoke about Seema’s first experiences in India after going over from England, her impressions of the Indian Super League and the Indian players besides how important social media is to her and her interactions with everyone.

Various high-profile Indian football representatives attended the World Football Forum 2016 at the L’Hotel du Collectionneur in the heart of the French capital Paris for a session on Indian football. Kushal Das (General Secretary, All India Football Federation), Sunando Dhar (CEO, I-League), Iain Hume (Footballer, Atlético de Kolkata) and Seema Jaswal (Indian Super League Lead Anchor, Star Sports) were the panelists and speakers during the session entitled „India: Reform and restructuring in a rapidly growing market“. Sports Journalist and BBC presenter Manish Bhasin was the host of the interesting session.

More WFF interviews to come in the coming days…