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Germany announce bid to host UEFA EURO 2024

Deutscher Fußball-Bund (DFB)

The presidential board of the German FA, the Deutscher Fußball-Bund (DFB), unanimously agreed in a meeting on Friday that they will bid to host the UEFA EURO 2024. The DFB have until the 3rd March 2017 to hand in their official declaration of interest to UEFA which has to include the ten potential locations for matches to take place. The final decisions on these will be made via a transparent application process.

“Hosting the EUROs in 2024 would be a light-house project for the whole of German football. We will hand in an application of the highest quality and we will make sure that we choose the ten locations for matches to take place via a transparent, comprehensible manner. We have both the stadiums and infrastructure in Germany and we already know how to organize an economically viable and ecologically compatible tournament. I will ensure that we will do our upmost to convince UEFA of our strong credentials to host another successful European Championships much like in 1988,” said DFB President Reinhard Grindel.

The range of ten potential locations for matches to take place will be decided through the means of a national application procedure. Until 17th February 2017, stadiums will the appropriate seating capacity – at least 30,000, not including media areas and places that cannot be sold due to restricted viewing – have the chance to declare their interest to the DFB. After submitting the formal application to UEFA on 17th March 2017, the DFB will then present the full list of requirements at the start of April. From there, the deadline for the venues to submit their full documentation for the application is on 12th June 2017.

The ten chosen venues will be presented on 15th September 2017. The DFB will be in attendance as part of UEFA’s application process. National associations seeking to host the tournament must have submitted all the required documents to UEFA by 27th April 2018. The host for EURO 2024 will be revealed in September 2018.

(DFB Press Release)