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#BedsForTravelingFans – A gamechanger in Indian football

Indian football fans cheering for the Indian national team (Photo courtesy: AIFF Media)

Are you a diehard fan of the Indian National Team? Are you travelling to Bengaluru to cheer for them? Are you still worried about a place to stay despite your tickets having been booked?

‘Beds for Travelling Fans,’ is the latest campaign launched by West Block Blues, in what is an unprecedented move to stitch Indian football fans together, the unique initiative trying its best to unite the Country.

The benevolent West Block Blues have opened their houses and are welcoming with open arms all travelling fans who are coming over to support Team India against the Kyrgyz Republic. “No need to check into hotels brothers, just walk into our houses. We will host you,” informs Waseem Ahmed of West Block Blues.

“We have been running #BedsForTravelingFans campaign on social media and our fans will host the fans who have come from different cities to support India. And why not? We are all united for a cause,” Waseem, an engineer himself states.

He continues: “I think it’s time all of our countrymen who take pride in calling themselves Indians come together as one unit and support our boys who represent us in the sport we all love. This is one of the purest forms of Nationalism.”

And it’s not Waseem alone. The West Block Blues represent people from all sections and ages. “It is the platform for people who love Indian football.”

Varsha Rajsekhar, an IT professional mentions, “We may support different clubs in India but together we can take Indian football to greater heights and it starts by coming to the stadium to watch the National Team play.”

“We chant for the players, make banners for the team, wave flags and make ourselves heard to let them know that we are in this together. Let’s all stand up for Indian football and wave the Indian flag higher,” Anirudh, a software analyst says.

Ajith Harish, another super-enthusiastic member of ‘West Block Blues,’ is never shy of displaying his emotions.

“It’s not about the club rivalry, it’s not about the fisticuffs, it’s about ‘One Nation, One Team, One Dream.’ We need to push our Club rivalries to the background whenever the National Team plays. Jai Hind,” he shouts.

“We have been going to schools and colleges to spread the word about the National Team as we have been doing it every time our National Team comes to play in Bengaluru,” Waseem smiles.

(AIFF Media)