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Grindel, Curtius, Lahm & Šasic deliver Germany’s UEFA EURO 2024 bid book

DFB President Reinhard Grindel, General Secretray Dr. Friedrich Curtius, ambassador and former Germany international Philipp Lahm alongside former Germany Women’s international and DFB Integration ambassador Celia Šašić today presented the bid book conceptualising Germany’s bid for EURO 2024. UEFA-Generalsekretär Theodore Theodoridis received the Bid Book alongside further information in the European Football Headquarters in Nyom, Switzerland.

Split into twelve sections, in total 189 questions posed by UEFA are answered. The DFB’s bid book, which has been produced in the past few months with the help of Markus Stenger and external experts, comprises of 868 pages. Attached are 760 pages with numerous bits of supporting material from people from sport, politics and economics. The DFB are working on making the tournament as sustainable as possible, while not requested from the DFB, with the help of various stakeholders. The DFB’s support is also supported by the federal government.

DFB President, Reinhard Grindel, said: “We are submitting an excellent bid concept for a perfectly organised tournament, which offers a great opportunity for UEFA to further develop European football. UEFA EURO 2024 staged in the heart of Europe will enable all of the participants to be given the best possible support by their fans. At the same time, we are building bridges between people of different nations, and are making an important contribution to bringing alive both the values of football and those of a modern civil society.”

General Secretary, Dr. Friedrich Curtius, added: “A key principle of UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany should be to share football knowledge with all national football associations across Europe. We want to be more than just a good host of the EURO; we would like all of UEFA’s associations to benefit from this tournament. Consequently, from the start of the planning phase, we will involve all of the UEFA member associations in the organisation and staging of the tournament, thereby providing modern knowledge-sharing platforms.”

Philipp Lahm commented: “As a player, I took part in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. I am certain that we will once again feel great enthusiasm and create a new spirit of solidarity at UEFA EURO 2024. We are cosmopolitan hosts, we have modern stadiums and good infrastructures. Football is at home with us. I know that UEFA EURO 2024 will be a great football festival for everyone in Europe – because we are all “United By Football”!”

UEFA’s General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis said: “On behalf of the UEFA President and the whole organisation, I would like to thank the DFB for submitting their bid dossier. I know that the DFB are taking this bid very seriously, and I am now looking forward to seeing the evaluation report of the dossier, which will be presented to the UEFA Executive Committee to decide on the hosts of UEFA EURO 2024.”

Germany are applying for EURO 2024 with the following locations: Berlin, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Köln, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart which were chosen transparently back in September.

The UEFA Committee will decide on the hosts of EURO 2024 on September 27th 2018.

(DFB / Photo by Harold Cunningham – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)