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Aditi Chauhan: We have to adapt and overcome challenges in COTIF Tournament

India Women's national team (Photo courtesy: AIFF Media)

Indian goalkeeper and former West Ham United custodian Aditi Chauhan dubs the COTIF Tournament as an “good opportunity to test ourselves outside of Asia.”

In an exclusive interview with AIFF Media, Aditi spoke at length about the importance of the tournament, the challenge of playing against physical opponents, the influx of youth in the present squad and much more.


How significant is the COTIF Tournament for the Indian Women’s Team?

It is a great opportunity for us as a team to explore and test ourselves outside of Asia. We have been dominating the South-Asian football circuit in recent years and have a decent idea where we stand in Asia. But, this Tournament will give us a better understanding of how we fare against world-class European teams.

How much beneficial will it be?

This Tournament is also significant as it will be extremely beneficial for us to see the level of professionalism and that is something, which we should aspire for. I need to thank Sports Authority of India (SAI) and AIFF for giving us this opportunity to test ourselves against some of the best teams in the world.

How challenging will it be?

Having played in England I am aware that it will be a tough challenge as most European teams love to play a physical game and to some extent we are not used to playing against such teams. They will be physically stronger than us but I feel it is the right challenge for us and we will have to adapt accordingly, whilst playing to our strengths.

How is the Senior Team shaping up with the influx of youth?

It is good to have youngsters to challenge some of the senior players for their position and that helps us push each other to do better while working hard. The young energy and challenge is always needed. You do not want any player in the team to take their position for granted.

The youngsters will be the future so it is good for them to be with the experienced players and learn what is needed from them both on and off the field, because in this game, what you do on the field is as important as what you do outside it.

(AIFF Media)