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33 Women Referees attend FIFA MA Women Referees course

Participants of the FIFA MA Women Referees in Kochi, India. (Photo courtesy: AIFF Media)
Participants of the FIFA MA Women Referees in Kochi, India. Photo courtesy: AIFF Media

The 5-day FIFA MA Women Referees course which concluded on Friday in Kochi (November 23, 2018) was attended by 33 Indian women referees. The course focused on discussing the amendments of the Laws of the Game as well as refreshing their knowledge of the existing laws.

FIFA-appointed Jordan-based Technical instructor Mrs. Heba Mohhamad and fitness instructor Dr. Hasan Khaldi conducted the course.

In an exclusive chat with, Dr. Khaldi explained: “The purpose of this course was to emphasize the fitness elements factors and to make the participants understand its importance. It was to motivate and encourage Indian girls to reach to the next level of refereeing.”

He further added: “All participants had the desire and were eager to know something new related to football — be it the Laws of the Game or about fitness levels. Support for these girls will be a good investment for the future.”

The participants underwent rigorous physical training sessions with their fitness being monitored on a daily basis. During the classroom sessions, they had to appear for tests on various topics to evaluate their understanding of the laws of the game.

“In the course, we checked their fitness abilities and shared new information in terms of the importance of agility for speed and strength. Moreover, there weren’t theoretical classes but also practical sessions stressing on running techniques, etc,” Dr. Khaldi stated.

“The personalities of the referees need to be further enhanced not just on the field but off it too. Majority of them had a good physique, sound knowledge and a positive personality. Indian technical and fitness instructors surely can hone on their skillset for them to attain the next level,” he maintained.

(AIFF Media)