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Three-day long FIFA MA Course for women referees draws to a close

FIFA MA Course for Referees conducted by four-time AFC Best Women Referee award winner Yamagishi Sachiko. (Photo courtesy: AIFF Media)
FIFA MA Course for Referees conducted by four-time AFC Best Women Referee award winner Yamagishi Sachiko. (Photo courtesy: AIFF Media)

The three-day virtual FIFA MA course organized by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) for women referees & assistant referees took place from August 27-29, 2020. A total of 46 participants were part of the course.

The course was conducted by Yamagishi Sachiko — a Japanese international who is a former FIFA referee with vast experience and four-time AFC Best Women Referee award winner.

Sharing her feedback on the course, Sachiko stated that she was impressed by the “passion” showed by the participants.

“Firstly, I appreciate the AIFF for supporting women referees. I’m very happy with the many women referees involved in this course — from young referees to experienced ones. This is fantastic.

“During the three days, we refreshed their basic knowledge and had group discussions. They became positive day-by-day and have their own opinions. This is very important as a referee. I feel the three days went by fast, but I certainly saw their passion,” she said.

Sachiko also mentioned the importance of thinking positive and said that organizing online courses is “very beneficial.”

“Now, we are facing a difficult term. When people facing problems, the important thing is to keep thinking positive and this course is one of the solutions remain positive. India being a big country, communication by online activity is vital. I’m sure it helps them keep their motivation and refresh their knowledge. This is very beneficial,” she opined.

Ravishankar J, Director, Referees Dept., AIFF, said that the course saw participation from various parts of the country.

“This FIFA MA course for women referees is organized every year but this time around, we had to do it virtually because of the pandemic. We saw participation from referees in all parts of the country and they gave a good account of themselves,” he said.

Referee Instructor Maria Rebello mentioned that the instructor “successfully” conveyed the content of the course to the participants.

“The content which the instructor wanted to deliver, she did so successfully. I personally enjoyed her entire sessions. Each instructor has a different quality and I did pick up & noted down some good new information which she had discussed. I am definitely going to share this information with the local referees in my state as we go forward together,” she stated.

Assistant referee Uvena Fernandes stated that the course gave the referees a chance to “clear their doubts”.

“The session was very useful to me personally. Every time I attend a session I get an opportunity to improve myself, I get to learn something new and I get a chance to make myself better. Though we know the laws of the game but this type of sessions gives us an opportunity to express ourself and clear your doubts,” she informed.

The 46 participants of the course were:
Abhirami T, Akanksha Soni, Arya P, Chim Chim Serto, Chitrambada Patra, E. Debala Devi, G. Lourdes Fernandes, Harsha Saini, Jyoti Gaur, Kajal Chauhan, Kanika Barman, Kavita Sahu, Kusum Mandi, M. Roshini Devi, Merrylyne Tongwah, Mohana Priya, Monika Jana, Nandita, Neetu Rana, Niralee Bhatt, P Suman, Phurki Lhamu Bhutia, Piyas Bai, Pooja S, Presila Tamang, R Jancy Mary, Rachana Kamani, Ranjita Devi, Ravat B Pravinsinh, Reshme Chettri, Ri-iohlang Dhar, Ruba Devi, Saloni Pandya, Sen Hangma Limboo, Shalini Yadav, Shima Bairagi, Snigdha Mondal, Sujata Palit, Uma Markam, Usha, Uvena Fernandes, Vinitha S, Zohmingliani Fanai, Maria Rebello, Bentla D’Couch, Anamik Sen.

(AIFF Media)