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SSVM Institutions to continue as Associate Sponsor of Chennaiyin FC

Chennaiyin FC

Chennaiyin FC are delighted to announce that one of India’s leading educational organizations, SSVM Institutions, is set to continue as their Associate Sponsor for the 2020-21 season.

Following a successful first year of association, SSVM Institutions and Chennaiyin FC are heading into a new season with the sole objective of strengthening the bond further, in pursuit of fresh learning and success.

“An important adage to live by is that learning never stops. And at Chennaiyin FC we firmly believe and follow this. As we strive to keep learning and improving, we’re delighted to have a reputed name in SSVM Institutions by our side. It is also a matter of pride and delight that they are continuing with us after what was a memorable year of association last time out,” commented CFC co-owner Vita Dani, on the welcome development.

“SSVM Institutions’ association with Chennaiyin FC has been spectacular so far, and we congratulate and appreciate the fervent effort and commitment of each player who scaled the team up to the ISL final last year. May this consociation between SSVM Institutions and Chennaiyin FC remain strong as ever and may it prosper over time. Wishing Chennaiyin FC the very best for the ISL championship this year!” said Dr. Manimekalai Mohan, Founder & Managing Trustee of SSVM Institutions.

A name synonymous with innovative learning which awakens the joy in creative expression and knowledge, SSVM Institutions will continue to be proudly donned by CFC in the collar position of their home, away and training jerseys. Moreover, one of the hallmarks of SSVM Institutions is the conscious push towards sporting involvement for its students, with their Coimbatore and Mettupalayam campuses having state-of-the-art sports facilities that nurture champions of the future.

The relationship between SSVM Institutions and Chennaiyin FC began on a wonderful note, with CFC co-owner Abhishek Bachchan along with household names Anirudh Thapa and Edwin Vanspaul among others visiting the SSVM World School in Coimbatore and inspiring the youngsters in a dazzling meet-and-greet last season.

In the upcoming season though, with the ISL season set to be played in Goa, CFC will be curating a special online football masterclass series exclusively for the SSVM Institution students, with these video sessions conducted by the Chennaiyin coaching staff with select players also involved. In the unprecedented times we are living in at the moment, this virtual integration will be like no other.

As we slowly return to normalcy, it will be endearing to see the students of SSVM Institutions play their favourite sport and get the ball rolling!