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DFB management backs Joachim Löw’s direction for the Germany MNT

DFB Deutscher Fußball-Bund - Die Mannschaft (German Men's national team)

In a conference call on Monday, the DFB presidential board unanimously agreed to unequivocally back the direction of Germany coach Joachim Löw in his efforts to rebuild the national team, which have been ongoing since March 2019. In doing so, the presidential board followed the recommendation of the presidential committee and of national teams and academy director Oliver Bierhoff.

On Monday morning, the members of the presidential committee met with Oliver Bierhoff and Joachim Löw in Frankfurt am Main. Members in attendance were Fritz Keller (president), Rainer Koch (1st vice-president of amateur football), Peter Peters (1st vice-president of professional football), and Stephan Osnabrügge (treasurer), with Friedrich Curtius (general secretary) absent due to illness. Löw expressed the importance of having an open, constructive and focused exchange regarding the current circumstances of the national team, the defeat against Spain, and the next few months in the run-up to the European Championship. In the meeting, Löw informed the members present about his assessments, ideas, and plans for the future. In response to this, the members of the presidential committee concluded that the most important aspects are high-quality work on the part of coaching staff, the relationship between the team and the coach, and a clear outline of the current and future plan of action. The performance of the national team and of the coach cannot and must not be judged off the back of one single match.

The DFB presidential board was in agreement that key sporting goals have already been achieved in the run-up to the European Championship in 2021. These include qualifying for the tournament, remaining in League A of the Nations League, and being placed in the first pot for World Cup qualification. As a result of this, Joachim Löw will continue to receive the backing of the DFB presidential board.

The national team’s defeat against Spain has also been discussed; both in talks with the head coach and in the subsequent DFB presidential board’s conference call. The 6-0 defeat against Spain was a disappointment for all involved – the players, the head coach, the DFB, the fans and anyone invested in football.

Attention now turns to next year’s continued preparations for the European Championship. Despite a challenging situation for all, there is a firm belief that Joachim Löw and his coaching team will deliver positive results. The head coach will take all necessary measures to ensure his team can put in an inspiring performance at EURO 2021. The head coach has also been given approval for his assessment that future tournaments – namely the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and EURO 2024 on home soil – should already play a role in current considerations in terms of sporting approach and personnel.

(Deutscher Fußball-Bund)