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Timeline TV deploys DTC Broadcast IP Mesh for FA Women’s Super League

DTC Broadcasting

Manchester City Women continued their unbeaten start to the season on BBC as Chloe Kelly’s two goals helped them comfortably beat Tottenham Hotspur 4-1.

This match was produced by Whisper, a UK based production company, and supported by Timeline TV the technical broadcast service provider, with the live coverage powered by DTC Broadcast’s IP Mesh NETNode and three DTC Software Defined Radios.

Stadium events can be covered using bonded cellular systems that use cellular networks to establish a data link. This is used for live program audio and video from wireless mobile cameras. However, cellular coverage can be unreliable, and it is not uncommon for certain parts of the stadium complex to be out of bounds due to poor coverage and video breakup.

DTC’s IP Mesh radios were deployed alongside bonded SIM units to create a hybrid solution. High data rate connectivity was maintained in difficult operational environments enabling broadcasters to send cameras into areas which were too hard to reach before. DTC’s fluid self- healing, self-forming mesh architecture allows transmitters to exchange and relay the highest quality video and data with ultra-low latency. The range can be extended by utilizing repeater units or other mesh enabled assets.

At Manchester City’s Academy Stadium, live program video and audio was sent using DTC’s solution back to Timeline TV’s master control room (MCR) in their Ealing state-of-the-art broadcast facility. Camera control data was also sent from the MCR to remote production in Manchester. The addition of DTC’s Mesh Solution gave solid network coverage in the stadium complex including areas previously impossible to cover.

The system enables the production team to monitor the performance and connectivity of their wireless assets and see in real-time where the mobile links could go while maintaining suitable network data capacity.

Timeline TV has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge remote production practices with DTC’s Mesh Systems making it possible not only to have video and audio wirelessly from a camera but to have communications, camera control data, return vision, GPS data, athletes biometrics, vehicle parameters and even autocue data on the same network. This can greatly simplify rigging of multiple systems.

(DTC Communications)