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World1 Sports partners with Playermaker to bring football’s leading technology to Indian clubs

World1 Sports x Playermaker (Image courtesy: World1 Sports)
World1 Sports x Playermaker (Image courtesy: World1 Sports)

World1 Sports is pleased to announce an official partnership with global sports technology giant, Playermaker. With this agreement, World1 Sports is now Playermaker’s partner in the Indian market and will work to make Playermaker’s technology widely available to India’s football clubs and teams, in order to support the advancement of the game in the country.

Playermaker’s flagship device is the latest in wearable sports technology, consisting of an ultra-light weight sensor that is strapped around the boot. The technology is currently used by hundreds of teams and academies around the world, male and female, including the Premier league’s elite teams.

Playermaker solution was architected by an interdisciplinary team of experts in the fields of biomechanics, machine learning, and football innovation, the Playermaker device collects both technical and physical – performance data such as number of touches, leg balance, short/long possession, kick velocity, distance running, top speed, number of sprint and many more, and makes it available for analysis within minutes of completing training sessions and matches. Furthermore, Playermaker goes beyond traditional GPS vests by providing tactical and technical analysis, in addition to the physical analysis that vests usually provide.

“As the Indian football market dramatically expands, we are thrilled to penetrate this amazing market and level the game up across the country. We have reached a point in time where it is nearly impossible for clubs and teams to be successful without performance data analysis and the key insights provided,” said Yuval Odem, COO of Playermaker. “We are excited to partner with World1 Sports, allowing Indian clubs and teams, male and female, to accelerate their training and skills faster than ever before.”

Vikram Rajkumar, Chief Operating Officer of World1 Sports, spoke about Playermaker revolutionising player analysis and tactical breakdown of games and training. “We at World1 Sports welcome Playermaker’s entry into the Indian market. Playermaker is the next big thing in sports innovation and promises to change the way that teams look at analysis. With Indian clubs turning to data-driven solutions, we believe Playermaker can pave the way to produce elite players,” Rajkumar expressed.

(World1 Sports)