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Sportec Solutions attains majority shareholding of Vieww

Sportec Solutions x Vieww (Image courtesy: Deltatre)
Sportec Solutions x Vieww (Image courtesy: Deltatre)

Sportec Solutions, the sports technology joint venture between Deltatre and DFL, can today announce that it has assumed the majority shareholding of Vieww GmbH a leading provider of Goal-Line Technology (GLT) and Video Assistant Referee (VAR) solutions.

It can also be announced that the DFB Schiri GmbH, has appointed Sportec Solutions as the new officiating technology partner for the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2.

STS will utilize Vieww technology in a deal that will run for an initial 5 years, beginning next season (2022/23), and encompasses all Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 games including relegation play-offs and Super Cup fixtures as well as DFB competitions matches.

Vieww is a FIFA-inspected provider of Goal Line technology and Video Assistant Referee and supplies next generation officiating systems for football and other major sport federations.

It utilizes advanced smart camera technology, continuously synchronized to a microsecond. In addition to fully automatic goal detection, all cameras provide 200 HD images per second for analysis and verification of critical goal area scenes.

The majority acquisition will allow global sports federations to benefit from continued investment into, and development of, a cutting-edge and comprehensive video officiating system, as well as future integration between Vieww’s officiating services and camera technology, and Sportec Solutions’ advanced data capture and analysis ecosystem.

In addition, Sportec Solutions and Vieww will tap into Deltatre’s market-leading fan engagement and technological expertise, and work in partnership to expand its products with a focus on developing innovative, engaging solutions around officiating, and future-proofing leagues’ owned data and video ecosystems.

Andrea Marini, CEO, Deltatre: “This agreement is testament to the growth and development of Sportec Solutions and underlines the ambition we have for the company.

“We know there is an incredible pace of development in this space, which is why we’re delighted to be working with a forward-thinking and talented team at Vieww. We believe we’re bringing together best-in-class data provision and a leading officiating system. We are looking forward to the next Bundesliga season, where we’ll see this capability in action.”

Hendrik Weber, MD, Sportec Solutions AG: “We are delighted to integrate Vieww’s expert team and market-leading technology into the Sportec Solutions organization. The opportunities afforded by a fully integrated data and officiating ecosystem, coupled with Deltatre’s fan engagement expertise, represent a significant and exciting evolution in our proposition for leagues and federations.”

Florian Götte, MD, DFB Schiri GmbH: “We believe this is the beginning of an exciting partnership. We focus on providing a reliable referee assistance technology, that is based on our needs for refereeing in professional football. Besides that, we want to develop existing technologies and innovative solutions to further improve refereeing on and off the pitch. We are looking forward to our partnership with Sportec Solutions.”

Founded in 2016 and based in Munich, Germany, Sportec Solutions is a joint venture between global sports and entertainment technology provider, Deltatre, and Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL). Sportec Solutions offers advanced gathering, storage, analysis and distribution of detailed, live match data to clubs, licensees, partners, and clients.

In November 2020, Deltatre acquired majority shareholding of Sportec Solutions. As part of that agreement, its offering, which is concentrated in Germany, became available to the international market.