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Proem Sports helps FC Goa increase merchandise sales by 34%

FC Goa x Proem Sports (Image courtesy: FC Goa)
FC Goa x Proem Sports (Image courtesy: FC Goa)

In today’s ever-changing landscape of evolving competitors and increased digital adoption, being data-driven is unquestionably the driving force for organisations to stay competitive and transform their business. Proem Sports helps organisations in the sport and live events industries on their journey to understand and engage with their fans better through data-driven decisions using its customer data platform, Organon.

FC Goa is an Indian professional football franchise based in Goa that competes in the Indian Super League. Having been around since the incorporation of the league, FC Goa has won multiple trophies in the last 8 years and has been a team committed to engaging their ever-growing fanbase, helping them strengthen their relationship with the club. With the help of Proem Sports’ customer data platform, they wanted to leverage data to understand their fans better and engage different segments of their fanbase with highly personalised campaigns leading to better outcomes.

The Challenge

FC Goa has been using analytics to track their KPIs across all key fan touch points – including social media, match days, commercial transactions. etc. Despite the individual processes to track their progress, it was challenging to have overall visibility into their growing fanbase and especially hard to differentiate between segments of fans based on their purchase behaviours, demographics, interactions, etc.

Additionally, the team had to undergo manual and repetitive tasks to engage their fanbase on their preferred marketing channels. FC Goa wanted a platform where they have a single customer view of their fanbase and efficiently execute personalised marketing campaigns to engage their fans at the right place and at the right time.

The Goal

A single customer view of their fans and the ability to engage in a personalised manner to provide better experiences and more value to their most loyal fans.

The Solution

After initial discussions, Proem Sports mapped out FC Goa’s data landscape and, with its pre built connectors, started ingesting data from social, website and transactional systems into its CDP. Through identity resolution and deduplication, a single customer view was created. The result? FC Goa finally had an accurate understanding of their fanbase and the opportunity to expand their marketable universe.

Organon’s analytical dashboards and segmentation capabilities helped FC Goa build profiles of individuals who represented different types of customers. This allowed the marketing and sales teams to answer questions such as
• How is our fanbase growing year on year?
• What is the lifetime value of our fanbase and how can we grow it?
• What percentage of the fanbase have we retained each season?
• Who are our most loyal fans and how often do they engage?
• How strong is our local fan base compared to the overall universe?

Eventually, the marketing capabilities of Organon would help FC Goa achieve their goals to engage their fans in a personalised manner to acquire, retain and monetise their fanbase

The Results

34% increase in merchandise sales

44x lift in email open rates
400,000 transactions processed from 7+ data sources

70,000+ directly addressable fanbase