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Doping: Two Korea DPR players suspended

Korea DPR - Doping

Korea DPR - Doping

Two players from Korea DPR, Jong Sun Song and Sim Pok Jong, were provisionally suspended prior to their team’s match against Colombia in Bochum yesterday (6 July 2011) in view of adverse analytical findings in the “A” samples collected during two anti-doping tests conducted after the team’s previous matches in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup™. The final results of the tests were received yesterday morning.

In accordance with article 58 of the FIFA Anti-Doping Regulations, which states that “Where more than one member of a team has been notified of an anti-doping rule violation under chapter VIII in connection with a competition, the ruling body for the competition shall conduct appropriate target testing of the team during the competition period”, the whole Korea DPR team was required by FIFA to undergo an anti-doping test after yesterday’s match between Korea DPR and Colombia. The target testing of the entire Korea DPR team was coordinated with WADA.

According to the FIFA Anti-Doping Regulations, a player has the right to request the analysis of the “B” sample within 12 (in competition) or 48 (out of competition) hours of being notified. Neither the Korea DPR team nor the players concerned made such a request within the 12-hour period. However, in accordance with article 31 par. 2 of the Regulations, FIFA has requested the analysis of both “B” samples. FIFA will not be able to comment any further until the results of these samples have been received.

In total, there have been three adverse analytical findings in connection with the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011™. The chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee provisionally suspended the Colombian player Yineth Varon after an out-of-competition doping test conducted in Leverkusen on 25 June 2011 in application of arts 34 and 35 of the FIFA Anti-Doping Regulations. The player requested an analysis of her “B” sample, which confirmed the result of the “A” sample. Disciplinary proceedings have since been opened and are still pending.

FIFA would like to emphasise once again its determination to keep football free of doping. It is FIFA’s duty and will to protect players from harm and ensure that footballers can compete on an even playing field. FIFA’s anti-doping strategy relies on education and prevention, as well as on respect for the dignity and privacy of each player who is subject to testing.

FIFA bases any decisions related to its anti-doping programme on the specifics of the game, scientific evidence and analysis of validated doping statistics. FIFA’s determination to fight doping is demonstrated by stringent doping control regulations, ongoing data collection and the support of evidence-based research. FIFA is a reliable partner of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in the worldwide collaboration to safeguard the health of athletes and the spirit of fair competition.

(FIFA Press Release)