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Indian national team captain Sunil Chhetri visits YFC Rurka Kalan

Indian national team captain Sunil Chhetri visits YFC Rurka Kalan

Indian national team captain Sunil Chhetri visits YFC Rurka Kalan

It was captain Sunil Chhetri’s turn to receive the royal welcome from Youth FC of Rurka Kalan which was set-up in 2001 to empower the underprivileged children in Punjab through the medium of football. The famous India No. 11 visited the academy along with his classmate Sonu Lamba in Rurka Kalan, Punjab for the second-time and met all the residential boys who stay at the academy and dream of becoming professional footballers like him.

Chhetri was overwhelmed to get such a reception. “It’s a great pleasure to be here. Today, I got the opportunity to come to YFC Rurka Kalan. I am very happy. I saw the whole environment, the way kids live here at such a remote location, the way they train, the nutrition and the mess facilities given to them are really good.”

“I had a great fun! I want to congratulate the whole mind behind it and I think it’s a great initiative. I just hope it goes on like this and keep on improving. I made my first visit to the academy few years ago and I have seen lot of improvement. I wish you guys all the best and keep working hard and kudos to you guys. Thank you for making me a part of it,” added Chhetri.

Earlier in the day, Sunil Chhetri was given an orientation of the academy. He saw the mini stadium of Rurka Kalan which has a seating capacity of 5,000 people, gymnasium, residential rooms where 16 talented boys selected through national trials at the academy welcomed him. He met girls of Primary School Rurka Kalan and taught them the value of education and football.

“You have to dream big,” he said. “Whether you want to be a footballer or a lawyer or a teacher or a doctor, education should be your top most priority and it will open doors for you and help you overcome any obstacle. As far as football is concerned, It is important that you enjoy and give your best during every training.”

He also stressed and explained to the kids the importance of meals and water intake before, during and after the training.

Gurmangal Dass, President of YFC was obviously delighted to meet the Bengaluru FC striker, “Sunil is an incredible person, and without doubt one of the most important people in India. I am thankful to him that he took his precious time to come to the academy and met everyone with open arms. All the kids were delighted to have the chance to catch up with him here in Rurka Kalan.”