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FC Goa visits Sharada Mandir School in Miramar

FC Goa visits Sharada Mandir School in Miramar
FC Goa visits Sharada Mandir School in Miramar

Photo courtesy: FC Goa

FC Goa stars including marquee player Lúcio attended an interaction with the students of Sharada Mandir School in Miramar, Goa, on Tuesday. The players were welcomed by the team’s co-owner Dattaraj Salgaocar, CEO Sukvindhar Singh and the school officials.

Loud cheers were met by the Gaurs who entertained the student by kicking the footballs and showing of their football skills. Players including Léo Moura and Grégory Arnolin took the time to click a few selfies with the school kids. There were FC Goa slogans and anthems sung by the pupils for the heroes.

Addressing the audience, Salgaocar said, “I want to thank our students from Sharada Mandir School for showing so much love affection and support towards the club. Last year we visited the school but we were on the bottom of the table this year however we are on the top and it’s all thanks to your support. I want to thank Zico for being here with us. Just as we need to work hard as a team to win the trophy we need to take those same lessons and apply it to our lives as well in our studies and our duties.”

Besides beating the drums on the team’s arrival in the school compound, the students of performed various entertainment acts for the FC Goa contingent from a Portuguese dance to a sports routine dance and an Afro Jazz perfomance.

FC Goa head coach Zico also parted with a few words. He said, “My last visit here was one of the most memorable and touching experiences for me since I came here after a loss in the semi-finals. I hope I can make our team perform better this year and we can bring more joy and happiness to this school and state. I always make it a point to remind my players about the expectations and prayers that people and our supporters give us. And as a result I promise that this year we will give our best in training and on the pitch and get the trophy to Goa.”

The players along with the coaching, medical and support staff of the team were facilitated by the Under-17 football players of the school with jerseys in return for loads of autographs while the students who performed the various entertainment acts were also awarded with a special photo opportunity with their stars.

Being called on the stage to share his experience as a footballer, Grégory Arnolin commented, “In order to become a good footballer you have to work hard in school. I have a home here. Thank you for your support. We will try our best to win the final. I thank all the support staff, medical staff and all the players for their hard work.”

Sharmila Umesh, headmistress of the school, raised the vote of thanks on behalf of the school. She expressed, “What a privilege it has been for the school to have FC Goa team along with Zico visit our school again. I’m so thankful that Mr. Salgaocar made it possible for us.FC Goa has achieved a great feet and brought the Goans together. I want to thank Zico and all the players for taking of their time.”

Added Sukhvinder Singh, CEO of FC Goa, “When I first realised that I was appointed as CEO of FC Goa I was so thrilled to meet the likes of Zico and other legends from the team. But now that I see young students like you who are so lucky to interacts with these stars and engage in the game so much I feel you are so lucky to get an opportunity like this. It’s interesting how football as a sport teaches us so much about life, winning and losing being part of it. We specially want to thank Sharada Mandir School for inviting us once again and having such a beautiful programme put up for us.”